Easy Easter

I'm all for easy things. Yes, ok, I'll often do a complicated, many step cook off because it's fun, but nobody should feel pressured into it. Food is for eating, not staring at, plus the long weekend is a Parent Holiday too. YES kids, it's not always just about you. 😉 I was reminiscing about …

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Spelt Flour Koulourakia–Easter Cookies

I try to make these every Easter. Buttery, short cookies that are moreish and come flavoured with orange or lemon or vanilla. As I had no fresh oranges, I decided to go with orange blossom water, orange extract and mastiha, seeing as I had some left over from making the savoury hot cross buns. I …

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Greek Easter Buns

Orthodox Easter can’t be pinned down. It wanders about, never in the same place. Every year those of us without a Greek family group nearby to remind us, Google “When is Orthodox Easter?” with the vague worry that we might have missed it. The Orthodox Easter dates are often different because they are based on …

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