Fresh Spinach Pancakes (no wheat flour)

1 bag fresh spinach, chopped finely1 medium egg3 level tbs gram flour2 level tbs flax seeds, finely ground1/2 tsp dried yeast60g warm water1/2 tsp salt Add the water and yeast to the gram flour and whisk to get all the lumps out. Let it stand for about 15 minutes. It won't floof up much, but …

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Meat Free Moshari Kokkinisto / Pastitsada

I'd made something called Moshari Kokkinisto - reddened beef - with the remains of the seitan left over from the doner experiment. I had a pretty large chunk of it left so I twisted it, pulled it and broke it into pieces. It takes some doing, as it's pretty elastic! Bear in mind that these …

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Hail Seitan, Destroyer of, er, bread.

I admit, I am late to this homemade seitan thing because a) I'm not a vegetarian and b) lots of restaurants out there have been doing it better, for longer but as my tooth works are ongoing, I needed a protein with no surprises.I'm not a fan of doner meat, not because of the ears/noses/toes …

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