Very Very Sweet Child o’ Mine

I adore coconut. In any way I can get it. I’m very cross that my alcohol allergy stops me from having Malibu, as I used to like that, too.
You might think that my favourite chocolate bar would be a Bounty, but it isn’t. (They need to be more moist, way too dry now.)

It’s this. Which you can’t get any more. Probably just as well.

We were in the farm shop today and saw some nice but horrifically expensive coconut ice. The conversation went as follows.

Me: I’ve never made coconut ice. I keep meaning to. I’ve even got coconut condensed milk.
Tex: Well, you’re not doing anything this afternoon are you?
Me: No…apart from…
Us: …Making coconut ice!

So here I am, having just finished making some. You have to leave it overnight to set up, so I’m passing the tine by blogging it.

The original recipe was on here: but I didn’t have all the things, and my can of coconut condensed milk was smaller than the usual 397g, so I had to improvise. I didn’t have enough desiccated, so coconut flour made up the rest. I also cut down the icing sugar as I am not keen on things that are overly sweet.

Neither did I have food colouring, but Mr Husband said that he didn’t care about that.

1 x can of coconut condensed milk (320g)
180g desiccated coconut
93g coconut flour
150g icing sugar

Put all of that little lot into a bowl.

Inhale the lovely coconutty scent. DO NOT SNEEZE.

Mix really, really well.

Line a baking tin with non stick baking parchment. (I brushed the tin with a little coconut oil so that the paper stuck down)

Make sure the paper overhangs the sides, it will be easier to lift the ice out.

Dollop the mixture into the tin, then smooth out with the back of a metal spoon. I used a little coconut oil on my spoon which helped a lot.

Mine tin was a bit too big, so I only filled it to 3/4 of its length in order to get a decent depth of ice.

It was only after it was all pushed into the tin, that I remembered I had meant to add some vanilla extract. Oops! C’est la vie.

Now, we wait overnight for it to dry out properly and set.


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