Date and Oat Bars (vegan unless I’ve missed something!)

I first saw these on Tori Haschka’s blog, and loved the idea of having them as a quick breakfast snack. I like dates very much, and bakes made with them always appeal to the Sweet But Not Too Sweet tooth I have. Sweet potato as a baking ingredient has won me over since Gizzi Erskine …

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Hope and Forever Greenwood

Most of you will have noticed the BBC series called Sweets Made Simple, with the lovely animations and scrumptiously naughty sugar mice.  It had the same aura of The Great British Bake Off, the scent of an era that we wish had happened, with flowery tea towels, and clipped vowels, when received pronunciation was the …

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Harry Eastwood’s Parsnip Vanilla Fudge

Yes, yes, I know. Parsnip. That’s right, parsnip. That faux potato that lurks in a tray of roasties at Christmas, looking all golden and beguiling until you bite into it and realise…NOT A POTATO.  I used to hate them with a passion. The only reason I tolerated them as a child was because I found …

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