Melty Nutella Ice-lollies


It’s all Kavey’s fault. Yes it is.

She runs a lovely blog, and has a Bloggers Scream For Ice-cream monthly challenge. This month it was ice lollies.

My first effort was nice, but way, way too sweet, and failed totally at coming out of my make-shift moulds. (Condensed milk mixed with rhubarb and custard jam topped with peanut butter.)

So I tried again. I wanted rich, but not heavy. Summer to me always means Italy, and Italy means hazelnuts and hazelnuts mean…


These are easy, though I admit they would be much easier with silicone lolly moulds! I only made enough for 2, as that was all the room I had in the freezer.

Melty Nutella Lollies

100g Nutella

100ml hazelnut milk

1 tsp hazelnut flavour syrup (the kind to flavour coffee)

Whisk all the ingredients together.

Pop a dollop of Nutella in the bottom of 2 plastic cups.

Pour the mixture into the cups up to about halfway.

Put them in the freezer.

When frozen enough to insert a stick, er, insert a stick. I didn’t have a stick. I used what I had.

When frozen solid, cut the cup open and release the goodies!

These really are very melty, though it being 25C in Romford today probably didn’t help.



My next idea involves filling the cup with Nutella, making a well in the centre, and filling it with the hazelnut milk/Nutella mixture. Because it would be FUN. (The Nutella freezes more solidly than the milk mixture.

(And also buying proper lolly moulds…)


3 thoughts on “Melty Nutella Ice-lollies

  1. Hello Lisa,I have those same corn on the cob sticks! Now I know there's another use for them! ;)Being more serious, your lollies look rich and indulgent. I may have to give them a go!with loveSnigdha (Snig's Kitchen)


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