Those strawberries that were in the fridge…

…are not there now.

I got home from work and remembered that I had strawberries that we’d picked up on Saturday from the local farm shop of joy. We’d eaten a fair few but the ones left were about to go over. Not a person to waste food (no, really, I can’t) I thought “Oooh! A small pot of jam!”

It was a vain attempt to make a sugar free version but in the end I had to concede defeat and add pectin infused jam sugar. Not that much though, as I really didn’t want it sweet and sticky. To about a pound of strawberries I added the juice of half a lemon, 1 tbs of rosewater and roughly 6 tablespoons of jam sugar. It thickened up nicely, but I am not fanatical about the mythical ‘set’ that obsesses British people. I like a good preserve you can spoon onto a scone, not have to slice or spread with a knife.

I now have a pot of dark, red jam sat happily on the side, waiting to cool before going in the fridge. Okay, waiting to go in the dishwasher with the next lot of dishes on a 65C wash to sterilise but hey…what’s an appliance between friends?

I will make a sugar free jam, but I need some gelatin to do so and, well, I haven’t got any right now. The farm shop has a glut of blackcurrants and they are calling out to be made into jam. Or cordial.

I like jam, me. Especially on mini oatcakes.

3 thoughts on “Those strawberries that were in the fridge…

  1. Liz – it hits the right spot. It's tangy and not overly sweet, which is fine by me!Anne – I am chuffed with it. Seeing as it was a last minute \”OMG these are on the turn! Quick save them!\” it was a good result. 🙂 Enjoy your strawberrying.


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