Mojito anyone?

I do not drink alcohol. I cannot drink it, as I am allergic to it and it makes me feel very bad after only a teaspoonful as my friends can attest. It’s not a problem at all, except on hot, sunny days when a mojito sounds just about the best thing ever. Apart from the reaction, of course. 

The combination of the mint and the lime smells so fresh and zesty, I can ignore the rum for a while. 

Limes always fascinate me. The sharper, more inquisitive sister of the mellow lemon, happy to fit into any kind of cuisine and improve it just that little bit more. She sparkles in a cake, adds depth to a chilli, makes the zing in a pad thai even sharper, but can add sweetness too. Add lime to a glass of coke or water and I’m happy. Add lemon and, to me, it just tastes wrong.

Lime is often overlooked, but you can’t ignore her when she’s there. Almost luminous in her translucent greenery and with a sheen like she’s been rubbed with sweet oil. I love me some lime.

4 thoughts on “Mojito anyone?

  1. When limes are cheap, I buy lots, cut them into wedges, and pop them into the freezer. Then, for as long as they last, I use them in cold drinks both for their wonderful flavour and also to cool the drinks without watering them down… Lime in coca cola is one of my favourites!BTW virgin mojitos are pretty good too, something about the mint and lime and sweet sugar sryup…


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