A Small Quiche

After watching Choki on YouTube, I had quiche on the brain. It's not often something I think about, but when I saw what she made, it wouldn't go away. (See her video here, quiche at 11:06) I had a large chunk of pecorino dolce to use up before it took over the fridge, so that …

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An Autumnal Bake

Another using up bits in the vegetable box recipe. The weather is definitely shouting Autumn at me. All those lovely autumn colours just had to taste good together, right? 3 carrots, peeled and sliced diagonally (more surface area) 3 parsnips, as above 2 apples, deseeded and cut into quarters - don't bother peeling them1 stick …

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Renata’s Chicken

A few years back now, I worked with a lady called Renata. Originally from Poland, she had made London her home. We nattered a lot, usually about how she was transforming her studio flat into something that actually had storage space. Her design ideas were beautiful. Every stair up to her sleeping platform was a …

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