Mix It Up Rice Pot

I make this all the time. Husband loves it, especially with frankfurters as they get their smoke flavour right into the rice. You can change up the spice mix, change the beans, not add beans, add peas not sweetcorn, or use grated carrot, any veg chopped small so it cooks in 15 mins. Add chopped herbs, too!
Use Quorn sausages for the protein, or cubed halloumi, pressed tofu, vegetarian frankfurters, whatever you like! It’s your choice.

1 measuring cup/210g of rice – whatever rice you have is ok though beware, if you use brown, you may need more water as it drinks it up.
1 cup/100g chopped protein of your choice, usually smoked sausage in our house
2 tsp Spice Blend (I use Old Bay because we love it, but you can use curry powder, Italian herbs, za’atar) jerk seasoning blend – again, it’s YOUR dinner.
1/2 tsp salt
1 14oz/400g can kidney beans, drained
Half a cup/1 x 80g can sweetcorn or frozen peas or carrot slices
Oil for frying
Water, or stock of your choice (whatever cup you use for your rice, use 2 of those of water to cook the rice in.)

Put 2 tbs oil of your choice in a pot that has a lid. No heat yet.
Pop in the 2 tsp of whatever spice blend you choose and your 1/2 tsp salt
Add your rice.
Add your protein.
Add your veg (and any chopped soft herbs if you fancy.)
MIX MIX. Get those flavours all over everything.
Pop the heat onto medium, add the water.
Mix a bit to get everything under the water.
Bring to the boil, and then turn the heat down to the lowest setting.
Cover with a lid.
Check after 10 minutes to see how much water is left.
I can usually smell the rice when it’s cooked, but do check!
Once most of the water has been absorbed, turn off the heat, put a paper towel pover the pot, pop the lid back on and let it sit and steam for 5 minutes.

Mix and serve!


Veg – Coarsely grated carrots or courgette
Beans – tinned white cannellini
Protein – cubed halloumi
Spices – 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp dried mint, 1/2 tsp cinnamon,
Option – 2 tsp sultanas or currants

Veg – peas
Protein – shredded cooked chicken
Beans – kidney beans or blackeye peas
Spices – 2 tsp Jerk seasoning
Option – 2 tsp desiccated coconut, chili flakes or half a scotch bonnet chopped if you want it hot

Veg – bunch of spring onions, chopped plus cooked, chopped mushrooms or baby sweetcorn
Protein – shredded cooked chicken or cubed bacon or seasoned tofu
Spices – 1 tsp 5 spice, 1 tsp cumin and add 1 tbs soy sauce into the water
Option – crispy fried onions and chopped peanuts as a garnish


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