Cream Cheese at home

I recently watched a YouTube video about making your own cream cheese. Here is the link for you, as Refika is very well worth watching. There may be naughty words, because she’s human.

Milk, and lemon juice. That’s all you need to get the curds. I use whole milk because, well, the clue’s in the name. CREAM cheese. I also add butter/olive oil, lemon zest and honey when mixing and it is delicious.

Don’t panic if the curds in your cheese are tiny, it varies from milk to milk. Mine always look small. I still manage to strain them through a fine sieve with no problem but you can use a cheese cloth too.

The more liquid you drain out of the curds, the thicker the cheese and the longer you process it, the creamier and more smooth it will be. Do have a go, as it’s ever so nice!

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