There is such a thing as beauty in commercial design.

And this is it.

Coley Porter Bell Beer can     Coley Porter Bell packaging

I love these designs, and the others across the range, so much, that I just sent an email to the company who came up with them for Morrisons. Yes, I know, I’m a sad old art student but they are so good.

People who buy the value ranges shouldn’t be made to feel less than anyone else, and some of those value ranges really are a very poor example of customer focussed design, pointing the focus back towards the Brand and The Company instead.

My email to Coley Porter-Bell.

I have just seen your designs on this site

and felt that I simply had to email you to congratulate you on a fantastic job.
So many other brands are BRAND and COMPANY focussed, and these designs are so totally not that. They are not about the Company, but about the product and the customer and I have to say, they are truly wonderful.
As as ex-design student of old, they almost made me tear up a little because they were so utterly perfect. Clean, beautiful lines, and lovely drawings. You even used a proper old pint mug! They relay such a feeling of warmth too.
Bravo to you all. Fabulous job. I will be finding a Morrison’s, purely because I want some of your designs in my home. Plus, also, you know, Jam.
Pat yourselves on the back and have a big cookie each. Marvellous.

Bloody good show, Morrison’s and Coley Porter-Bell. Credit where credit is definitely due.

EDIT 09/01/2012 – A Reply from Stephen Bell, Creative Director.

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for sending your email about our work for Morrisons M Savers range. I can’t tell you how much it means to get such lovely feedback. Myself and the whole team here have worked incredibly hard on the range and are very proud of it…….interestingly your feed back pretty much summed up what we are trying to achieve with the designs…..real foodiness, a touch of ‘modern retro’ and of course pure and simple appeal. We hope that Morrisons customers have the same reaction you do.
Thank you for brightening up our morning and taking the time to comment. Our designers are delighted!
Kind regards


2 thoughts on “There is such a thing as beauty in commercial design.

  1. Absolutely. This summed it up for me:“This is value for the times we live in. Value ranges tend to be somewhat utilitarian , using template designs and basic corporate colours. Research shows that consumers are often ashamed to be seen with them. But with the economy stalled for the foreseeable future, value ranges will be competing on more than just price. We wondered why shouldn’t entry level products have some charm and engagement?”


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