For Cambridge people who are veggie/have allergies

This is a heads up on where NOT to eat, from a friend of mine who, sadly, did and regretted it.

This is a very poor show, and certainly not what Customer Service is meant to be about! Allergies are not something to be laughed at, people don’t have them for fun.  Would they have laughed and eye-rolled at someone with a severe nut allergy? Not for long, I suspect…


“So, if you have allergies *do not* go to the Wok’n’Grill/ Coach and Horses in Cambridge, ditto if you are vegetarian.

I asked *specifically* if they had a veggie wok, and they told me they did, put my food in a sieve then put meat in a sieve on top of it. When I pointed this out, they rolled their eyes and I told them I had a severe shellfish allergy, another eye roll, they then took the same wok they had just fried oysters in, put a spoonful of water in it and swirled it around, then threw my (newly collected plate of food not covered in meat from the sieve) food in.

I asked *again* for a veggie wok and said I had allergies, and with more eyerolling they told me they had just thoroughly washed the wok – it still had pieces of food in it! They had one wok and two pots of what looked like water or soup that they just threw everything into without separating it in any way or making sure there was no cross contamination.

Had I not been paying attention as much as I was, I could have ended tonight in hospital or worse.

It was lovely seeing folks, but even though I ate only the veggie prepared food there (rather than the fresh stuff they tried to kill me with) I have a severe headache and nasty upset stomach, nausea etc. – all the symptoms I get when having eaten meat products, so I bet the rest wasn’t separated properly either.

Yes, I am reporting them. This isn’t just an annoyance, the shellfish thing is dangerous.”

3 thoughts on “For Cambridge people who are veggie/have allergies

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up. I have a severe shellfish allergy as well, but the one that most restaurants try to kill me with is my severe garlic allergy.. Yes I know it's annoying, yes I know a lot of your pre-prepared sauces already have garlic in and yes I know you will have to clean your grill/wok before cooking my food.. But if you don't you may kill me! I have lost count of the number of restaurants who have delivered me a plate of food, which I have ordered garlic free, then said \”chef says theres a tiny bit of garlic in the sauce, but you wont taste it\”… Oh Good! I'd hate that it would ruin the flavour of my DEATH! then they look horribly offended as you ask them to take it back and make another! Or deliver a garlic free steak, but slather salad dressing they didn't even check all over the side salad contaminating the whole plate.. Oh yes.. there is a tiny bit of garlic in the dressing, but chef says you wont taste it!There needs to be more awareness of allergies other than nuts! No one pisses about with nuts any more.. But if you have an allergy they havent heard of, your just being fussy! Even shellfish isn't taken seriously and thats pretty common. We should stand up and name and shame them all !


  2. Anon – my husband has a severe mushroom allergy, so we always check when we eat out, and end the conversation with \”Don't just take them off the plate, or pick them out, because within ten minutes, we'll ALL know about it.\”Cat – yup, a dead customer is quite bad for business I reckon!


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