Low Carb Bread

I got this recipe from my friend Mel, and, because it’s me and I can’t leave anything alone, I tweaked it.

I admit that it does seem like a bit of a faff initially, with all the different ingredients, but it is worth it. I keep all the stuff in stock now, so I can make it when I need it. It’s a bit like that Vogel’s stuff, not bad! I always have ground almonds, sesame seeds, nuts and flax seeds anyway, it was just the Carbolose and soy protein I needed to get.

Basic recipe

1 packet of dried yeast (or 15g fresh) ( I used dried for the bread and fresh for the rolls)
1 cup wheat gluten
1/2 cup Carbalose ‘flour’ (pricey, but well worth having. Low Carb Megastore stocks it.)
1/2 cup soy protein (I use Holland and Barratt’s own one, vanilla flavour, it tastes better)
1/3 cup ground flaxseed (I use whole and toast mine first)
1/3 cup ground almonds (not in the original recipe, but they add a ‘crust’)
1/3 cup chopped toasted shelled sunflower seeds
1 tsp sea salt – do not skimp on the salt

1.5 tsp sugar
1 large egg, beaten
1.5 cups warm water

Put the warm water in a jug, add the sugar and the yeast and mix well. Leave to stand until foamy and emitting a ‘beery’ smell.

Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl. Mix well. I used a whisk to ‘air’ it.
Make a well in the centre, pour in the yeast mixture, add the egg.
Mix together until a dough forms. This happens quite quickly.
Knead for 5 minutes until it is smooth and cohesive. (I added 1 tbs olive oil when mine felt a bit too dry)
If it is too sticky, just sprinkle on a bit of Carbolose while you are kneading.
Form it into a loaf shape then pop it into a greased loaf tin.
Leave to rise. It will rise, but not as much as ‘normal’ bread.

I bake mine at 200C (fan oven) or Gas 7 for about 40 minutes. If you divide it into two loaves then you bake both together for 25 minutes.

The bottom should sound hollow when tapped.

DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN TOO SOON. Give it at least 30 minutes before checking if baking one large loaf.

I’ve added in chopped toasted pecans to the mix, toasted sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds. There’s all sorts you can do.

(I just checked and Carbolose has come down in price.
It used to be £15. It really does last a long time though, as you only use a small amount.)

I’m going to slice the loaf and freeze it for work. Then that way I can just take out a slice when I want it.

The rolls had toasted pecan nuts, toasted sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds in them.


2 thoughts on “Low Carb Bread

  1. I love to eat breads and because of this dish it gives me an idea to give more taste on the regular bread that i eat to add some flavor to eat like this recipe it makes the simple bread into more delicious one by putting some ingredients to it. So I must try this at home.


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