A Thank You.

I have many thank yous to say for this year. People have been outstanding in their gifts of time, and love and care.

In the foodie world, I would like to thank people too.

Kavita of Kavey Eats – http://www.kaveyeats.com/
Mimi of Meemalee’s Kitchen – http://www.meemalee.com/
Danny of Food Urchin – http://foodurchin.blogspot.com/
Anne of Tales from the Tiny Kitchen – http://tinykitchentales.blogspot.com/

These four were my first foray into the reading of food blogs, and they got me hooked. I love how they write, how they cook and their sheer enthusiasm. I have so far managed to meet up with Kavey and hooray for she is My Kind of Woman. We are both death to a dim sum menu and seem to have similar ideas on many things.

Anne’s writing style made me want to be her friend, she just sounds like so much fun!It was Anne’s blog that I read first, and she made me want to write so you can all blame her.

Danny, now, there’s a geezer. I have to be careful reading his blog and not ever drink tea whilst doing so because too many times there has been a tea + keyboard/screen interface. See here for an example. http://foodurchin.blogspot.com/2010/12/food-urchin-meets-manchester-egg.html
Soon I hope to cook a little extra, and feed a poor, starving print monkey.

Mimi is like a quickfire bundle of energy. I have no idea how she does all that she does, but boy am I glad she does. She also shares my…fondness for Andrew McCarthy. We so would.

I don’t have a lot of time to read food blogs, but when I do, there are the ones I go to first so to you all, thank you for your words and your time and your inspirations. Long may you cook.

Food Bloggers I salute you.

8 thoughts on “A Thank You.

  1. Meems can sing, it's actually very beautiful.I, so I have been told, make dogs howl in pain. But I don't care because I enjoy it.I would imagine Daisy can sing, but will surely give it a try regardless.And Andrew McCarthy? Once, twice, ALL NIGHT!


  2. Ah bless you Lisa! Cor I am very flattered indeed, and very chuffed that you cite me as one of the people that inspired you to give this whole food blog thing a go. May we both long continue to write about food that makes us salivate – it's fun isn't it! :o) x


  3. Anne – yes, this is fun! It can sometimes lead to an awful lot of head scratching and \”Gah! So much to write up! Where's my extra hours in the day?\” but it is ultimately worth it.(I was thinking of doing the Leith's food writing course but then I saw that it cost £320 and decided that no, I'll just read some more cookery books.)


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