So many photos but not many words.

I love taking photos of food. It’s become some sort of an obsession, but not enough that I want to go out and buy an uber expensive camera or rig up a mini crane so I can get overhead shots. I’m a cook, and an eater and damn I love my food to look good, and if it looks luscious then I like to share it as well.
What I don’t have a lot of is time, and writing does take up a lot of time. It’s taken me over a week to write up the Acornhouse post!

Anyway. I thought I’d share some photos from the past few weeks/months.

Essex Dry Cure bacon from our local farm shop. Bacon that tastes of pig, according to a friend when we made him a sandwich.

Rainbow chard and fresh asparagus – also from the farm shop. How could I resist snapping up a bundle of these lovely fellows?

The summertime farm shop haul. Every Saturday is like a mini adventure!

A golden beetroot. Beautiful things.

Savoy cabbage from last week. They fascinate me. 

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