So much food, so little time.

I have a ton of write ups to do, but being laid low with a bad back for a while, and then work ramping up to sheer screaming ab-dab levels means that I simply haven’t had the time. I also left my SD card reader at work…*sigh* but soon, soon my lovely mini readership, there will be a post or two with content.

There’s been farm shop visits, and cookie making, and amazing white chocolate raspberry blondies brownies made by my friend Mark, Nicoise style salad that took over the dining room table, cottage pies big enough to take over the world, more farm shop visits, pumpkins, Marmite chocolate, a stew to end all stews, autumn harvest soup, Turkish food and French food, roast dinners and burritos, anchovy and garlic croutons, herbs and spices and goodness knows what else. My life rocks like a huge mountain and I just have no time to tell anyone much about it.

I need a holiday just to catch up!

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