Chop Bloc, Chelmsford

I heard about Chop Bloc via Gary on Twitter. I’m not sure how a new steak place opening up not that far from us managed to pass me by, but it had. We’ve eaten at Miller & Carter in Chelmsford quite a few times, and have always found them to be of excellent quality, and …

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Bavette, Flat Iron and my version of chimichurri

Whenever I go and stay in Penge on a weekend, it’s very hard not to head straight to The Butchery in Forest Hill. Every single piece of meat that I have bought from there has been exceptional, and the prices are very good considering the high quality of the meat that you are getting. Last …

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Le Garrick

The last time that I went out to an evening dinner with C it was to Acornhouse and we had a very good time indeed. Thursday, after an email conversation that went along the lines of "I have a hankering for French. Can you look at Open Table." and then a flurry of "Oooh …

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