Tarte Tatain’t

It's not made with pastry, and there's no syrupy glaze but what there is, is cheese. And it was cooked upside down so there we go. 1 large potato, peeled if you like, cut into rough dice, about 1" x 1"4 medium parsnips, peeled and diced the sameOlive oilSalt1 tsp rose harissa paste or to …

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Red Wine Roasted Potatoes

There is a Cypriot dish of pork cooked with red wine and lots of coriander seeds, called afelia. It's homely and comforting, just the thing on a cold night. It was one of my favourites, even if I did spend ages picking out all the seeds. A half seed shell to the gum often offends. …

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Dizi: Persian Lamb Stew, a variation

Since watching Nigel Slater’s Middle East, my poor brain's been utterly full of the foods cooked during the three episodes of that lovely programme. (Only 3. I WANT MORE!)To be honest, I think my grey matter has jumbled everything up rather, so the ingredients I bought last weekend became a dish 'inspired by' rather than …

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