Hallloumi & Mint snacks

Greek (Orthodox) Easter came and went this year, and more or less passed me by. When you're the only Cypriot around for miles (that I know of, anyway) there doesn't seem to be a lot of point in doing much about it. If we had an Orthodox church near, I'd probably go, but we don't, …

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Carrot, Fig and Walnut Muffins

This is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. It’s the sweet potato muffins from a few weeks ago, but changed around a bit. This whole thing can be done in the food processor. 400g carrots – don’t bother peeling, but wash if grubby, obviously. 200g demerara sugar (original recipe asked for 400g, just not needed.) …

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Chicken and Spinach with an egg and lemon sauce

There is a Greek soup called avgolemono. It is pure comfort food to any Greek, speaking to us of the days when we lived at home and Mum fed us soup when we weren’t well. Or when we had a broken heart. Or just because we loved it so. I remember being on holiday with …

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