Courgette Shawarma

Ok, it's not actually shawarma. I haven't spiked extra large courgettes, and grilled them on an upright spit. No. But I have taken some of those shawarma spices, and rubbed them all over some beautiful white Turkish courgettes. I love all of the courgette family, but the white ones do seem to hold up better …

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Vanilla Tea Duck

Since I started reading Ottolenghi’s Nopi, and misread ‘lamb with vanilla braised chicory’ as ‘vanilla braised lamb’, I’ve been wanting to cook meat with vanilla. One recipe has already been done, and I’ll post about that soon but on Friday I had another ‘I’ve got a recipe stuck in my head’ moment that I needed …

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Warm Courgette Salad

My Finance Manager brought in a whole bagful of courgettes from his allotment. Picked this morning and I got to choose some to bring home.Fresh courgettes, sliced, cooked in garlicky olive oil, with a touch of lemon zest and some thyme flowers from our garden. The garlic slices caramelised and made a nice, sticky base. …

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